A well-organized, clearly written and well-designed software manual

  • helps users quickly find information that they need.
  • reduces customer service expenses.
  • promotes an image of quality for both your product and your company.

We specialize in writing, editing, and layout of manuals. We can

  • edit and rewrite manuals for updates of or conversions to Macintosh or Windows software.
  • also write the on-line documentation.
  • procure all screen shots of icons, menus, and dialog boxes and place them in the manual.
  • create an attractive, eye-catching, full-color manual cover.

We are cost-effective because we already have "templates" that we use to organize the text and create the layout of the manual. We can work with software applications for both Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Please contact us by E-mail to discuss your software documentation needs.

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