What we do

We provide professional editing services on a consultative basis to industry and academic researchers in the medical and biological sciences. We have consulted with clients in the following scientific fields:

  • pharmaceuticals
  • clinical diagnostics
  • genomics
  • biotechnology
  • medical devices
  • scientific software
  • plant genetics
  • animal health
  • environmental and conservation science

We have written and/or edited a diverse range of documents including the following:

  • scientific research reports
  • technical white papers
  • review articles
  • software manuals
  • corporate newsletters
  • technical articles adapted for general readers

Who we are

Our editors have extensive experience in writing and editing documents in the medical, biological and pharmaceutical sciences. We know how to adapt technical information to suit the needs of a specific audience: basic research, clinical research or general reader. In addition to having technical writing expertise, our staff is highly experienced in the use of computer graphics and page layout programs.

How we work

We can help with your publication needs in the following ways:

  • Using your original draft, we can revise the document to improve content, organization, and style.
  • Using your finished document, we can review it to improve primarily grammar and style.
  • Using Adobe InDesign, we can design your document for a professional look and prepare it for printing.
  • We can review your web site for logical organization and clear writing.

In all cases, our goal is to achieve the highest standard of scientific or medical writing and to follow ethical publication guidelines.

Please contact us by E-mail to discuss your editing needs.


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