We develop web-based tutorials to provide instruction on common grammar problems. The following sample tutorial explains the appropriate use of the relative pronouns "that" and "which."

Relative Pronouns "That" vs."Which"

Relative clauses beginning with the relative pronouns that, which, who, whom, and whose modify nouns in a sentence. The pronouns that and which are the most commonly misused relative pronouns.

The following on-line tutorial explains how to use these relative pronouns. Click on each check mark below in the order in which it appears to learn how to use relative clauses correctly and how to avoid their misuse. Or click on "Test Yourself" to see if you know the rules!

Learn the difference between essential clauses and nonessential clauses ("that" vs. "which").

Avoid the overuse of "which" clauses: "which hunting."

Test yourself: when to use "that" and "which" clauses.

Test yourself: using relative clauses in paragraphs.

Summary: Learn a recap of the basic rules of "that" and "which."

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