Test Yourself: Relative Clauses in a Paragraph

As you have learned in the previous examples and test, it is important to distinguish between using the relative pronouns "that" and "which." Determining which of these pronouns to use depends on whether the clause is essential or non-essential to the meaning of a sentence. In addition, it is often necessary to consider their use in the context of an entire paragraph. In the following sentences, click on one of the relative pronouns ("that" or "which") that you think is correct. When you select one of these pronouns, an explanation will appear.

Sample Paragraph

Several options were recommended for treating the

patient's arthritis. One of the options (that or which) we

considered was using indomethacin. Indomethacin (that or

which) is one of the most commonly used

antiinflammatory drugs was not successful, so we decided

to use piroxicam (that or which) is known to have fewer

side effects. The patient responded well to this treatment

(that or which) was a relief to us.

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