Test Yourself: Using Both Indefinite and Definite Articles

Now that you have reviewed the use of indefinite and definite articles before nouns, you can test your knowledge with this quiz. In the following paragraphs, decide which article should be used before a noun, depending on a) whether the noun that it precedes is countable or non-countable and b) whether the noun has been identified to the reader. Select one of the following to "fill in the blank": a, an, some the, or no article. Click on the blank space to see the correct choice and an explanation.

Paragraph 1

___ reaction was acidified, causing ___ release of carbon dioxide. Next, ___ carbon dioxide was evacuated from ___ flask.

Paragraph 2

Jenny poured ___ gels to use for electrophoresis. ___ gels were composed of two different concentrations: 8% and 12%. ___ 8% gels were placed in ___ cold room overnight.

Paragraph 3

___ investigators have not yet enrolled enough patients in ___ clinical trial. ___ tardy investigators will be notified by ___ fax.

If you would like to see the entire paragraph with all of the articles, click on each paragraph heading above (for example, "Paragraph 1").

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