In the sentences below, you must choose between the relative pronouns "that" and "which." If you think that the clause that follows the pronoun is essential to the meaning of the sentence, then select the relative pronoun "that." If you think that the clause is not essential to the meaning of the sentence, but is merely descriptive, then select the pronoun "which." When you click on either of these options, you will receive an explanation of the answer!

Sentence 1

The data (that or which) we gathered from the experiment were conclusive.

Sentence 2

A new treatment for AIDS combines three drugs (that or which) include a protease inhibitor.

Sentence 3

Fluconazole (that or which) is an imidazole is now considered primary treatment for cryptococcal meningitis.

Sentence 4

Substrate B (that or which) can be purchased in large quantities is used in the production of raziline.

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